Admiralty / Maritime Law / Offshore Accidents

Admiralty / Maritime Law / Offshore Accidents

The waters off of the Gulf Coast carry many seagoing vessels and are studded with oil and gas rigs. As oil exploration pushes the limits of what is technologically possible and ship traffic increases as businesses seek more cost effective methods of transporting goods, it seems inevitable the number of accidents and injuries increases. 


The area of law that governs the injuries occurring on ships and other types of vessels is known as admiralty or maritime law. 


Jones Act


The Jones Act contains provision that are directed at protecting the rights of seamen. The act allows sailors and other individuals that work on ships, boats, barges, and oil rigs to obtain compensation and/or damages from their employers if they are injured due to the negligence of the ship owner, captain, or fellow crew members. 


Onshore and Offshore Injuries


Accidents can happen to the crew anytime and the Jones Act protects seamen when they are working offshore, in port, or even onshore, if they are on “ship’s business.” We, in association with other counsel and experts, represent seamen who have been injured in an onshore or offshore accident, such as slipping and falling on the dock or being injured by a forklift while loading a ship.