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James B. “Jim” Lewis has a simple philosophy: outwork his opponents to win. In the thousands of cases his firms have handled, including over 100 that were taken to trial or appeal, his simple philosophy has yielded large settlements and successful verdicts for a long list of clients. Jim and the attorneys he associates with are highly experienced trial lawyers in the fields of AppealsTrucking Claims, Personal Injury, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death, Car Accidents, Insurance Claims, and Commercial and Business Disputes.

Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  Jim is a trial lawyer who is board certified in civil appellate law. Because of his record and reputation in courtroom battles, and appeals, Jim is often called upon by other attorneys to assist them with especially challenging litigation. Jim also associates other counsel, as needed, on certain cases.


Certified Advanced Mediator: 
Since 1994, Jim has been an AMI Certified Mediator. He has mediated a broad variety of cases including, but not limited to: wrongful death claims; worksite accident cases; professional malpractice claims; and business disputes.


To best represent each client, Jim has formed associations, consisting of legal assistants, investigators, and associated counsel. Lewis Law Office (LLO) invests an immense amount of time and energy and its own capital in each case to successfully combat large, well-represented opponents. LLO also utilizes state-of-the-art presentations to insurance companies, opposing counsel, and juries to help them better understand our clients’ cases and injuries, thereby maximizing the value of the cases.


While Jim Lewis is well known for his abilities in court, he often settles cases out of court if that is what his client desires and it is in his client’s best interests. LLO works closely with every client to ensure that we are always acting to satisfy our clients’ needs and wishes. Having dealt with everything from construction and truck accident claims to serious brain injury lawsuits, to business deals gone bad, we know how to sensitively and compassionately help clients through their troubles.
Since 1987 Jim has earned the respect of trial judges and appellate justices which greatly benefits his clients.
Click on the links hereunder to view Jim’s introduction of trial judge at investiture:

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Jim often represents families whose bread-winners have been killed or severely disabled as a result of tragedies, as well as business owners, sued with the potential of losing their livelihoods, both in trial and on appeal.
Click here to view Jim’s oral argument in 2013 at first court of Appeals concerning a man who was severely injured on a work-site accident..

  • [lightbox type=”youtube” title=”” href=”” youtube_id=”fw_4qx1MuU4″ vimeo_id=””]Jim’s oral argument in 2013 at first court of Appeals [/lightbox]